Friday, 8 March 2013

Eat up Nigel

Nigel Farage dines with Rupert Murdoch, speculation of UKIP pack with Tories
Farage, is he a Tory in disguise?
It does not seem that long ago those politicians were keeping a distance from media giant Rupert Murdoch, but now it would appear that Nigel Farage has bucked the trend.  Mr Murdoch has always been interested in politics and gauging the feeling of the masses, he is after all a very clever man.  Mr Farage has not denied having dinner with Mr Murdoch, but declines to comment further.

Over the past few days sections of the British press have been suggesting that Mr Farage is looking at a possible pact with the nasty Tories after the next election, as long as David Cameron is not leader.  This will upset many people who voted UKIP as a protest vote, who traditionally come from Labour and Liberal backgrounds.  The last thing they would want to see is the party that they voted for chasing an electoral pact with a party that allows mass-immigration to continue, attacks our disabled and unemployed citizens for starters. 

If this speculation is true, then UKIP can expect many of its protest vote supporters to head back to Labour and the LibDems.  The last thing they would want is another Tory party by stealth!

Rupert Murdoch supports Boris Johnson we are told by sections of the media, but not David Cameron. 

The British public must be getting somewhat cheesed off over the choices politics is offering them.  A Tory party so out of touch and disliked, the LibDems destined to fade away, Labour led by lacklustre Red Ed and Nigel Farage and his reserve Tory party.  What a choice!

Thankfully the Scottish and British public do have a solid choice of a party that would not enter electoral packs with any of these worn out old school parties.  It is The British National Party    

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